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The 8th Annual Chicago Comedy Film Festival

November 9th-11th, 2018


Mission & History

Chicago Comedy Film Festival's mission is to support comedy as a vital and influential art form. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and exist to educate and support a diverse network of comedy filmmakers from across the globe. The festival showcases films that range from low budget to studio quality. We champion strong voices in comedic storytelling. 

In researching film festivals our artistic director found that there are limited options for comedy filmmakers. The festival circuit can be highly exclusive and favors experimental and dramatic films. In 2010 Hardy founded the festival with the goal in mind to bring comedy filmmakers to the great city of Chicago and to give comedy filmmakers a meeting place to exchange ideas, showcase their work, and celebrate comedy film.

CCFF is continuously looking to build new relationships and find ways for filmmakers to expand on marketing their work. Combined, our staff has 15 years experience in television, film, education, and comedy production. We spend a great deal of our time making sure CCFF is a well organized event. Many of our films have gone on to distribution on Netflix and other platforms. We are constantly seeking award opportunities for filmmakers and every year we award the Top Female Filmmaker to encourage women to continue creating their own opportunities to write and act in roles that inspire them.

We aim to make your festival experience as a filmmaker fun and memorable. Our volunteers and staff have years of experience in the Chicago arts and aim to honor your talents with a festival that promises to be for YOU. From goodie bags to after parties, CCFF is a festival that knows how to be VIP without being stuffy!

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America's Funniest Viral Videos


Are you ready to go VIRAL?

CCFF will be showcasing the top viral videos in all categories at a separate event during the festival. Top 25 videos screened on America's Funniest Viral Videos channel, via Chicago Comedy Film Festival, a top YouTube comedy channel. 

Top 5 videos will be screened at live event Chicago Comedy Film Festival in November and at our film festival event in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California in January 2019. 

You've heard how we teamed with the biggest YouTube studios like Collab and Studio 71 to bring online video opportunities to Chicago. And here is another example! 

Best Viral winners in each category. 

Top 25 videos will be shown to major video buys through our direct contacts. Studio 71, Collab, Jukin Media and more to be added.  Submit here: 

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