Volunteer in March 2020

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Management: house managing for theaters, managing volunteers or staff
Box office: selling tickets, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, etc..
Tech experience: experience with projection, editing films, film equipment, camera equipment

Full year internships 2019-2020

All internship positions start September 2019 and end March 2020. If interns require school credit you must provide the paperwork to us at the start of your internship or inform us of the perimeters of your internship at the time of your interview.

Non academic interns are not paid. Internships with a film festival provide vast experience with arts administration, marketing, and project management.

Full year interns (6 credit hours) Festival interns work from September 2019 until the end of the festival March 2020. Interns will be responsible for a variety of tasks including but not limited to areas of social media, programming, donation and sponsorship, research, hospitality, volunteer management, box office, and extraneous tasks such as picking up office supplies or assembling goodie bags. All interns must be available to work onsite during the 2020 festival which is a full three day event. All interns should be comfortable lifting up to 25 lbs if needed. Interns must be able to work from home up to 6 hours per week on average (excluding the week of the festival which will require up to 30 hours) and will be expected to attend meetings and events. We are an inclusive workplace and seek to be a diverse work environment.

If you are interested please email your resume to admin@chicagocomedyfilmfestival. Please include a cover letter explaining why you are seeking the internship and your relevant experience/coursework.