Boneheads Table Read at the 2019 Chicago Comedy Film Festival
April 6th, 2019, 12pm
Columbia College, 623 S Wabash Ave. Room 109, Hoken Lecture Hall

FREE tickets to the event can be reserved here.

Please join us for the staged reading of Boneheads at the 2019 Chicago Comedy Film Festival! For the first year ever we held a screenplay competition. Out of hundreds of excellent submissions Boneheads by Kelly Karam was chosen.


Kali Skatchke, Connie Foster, Erika Oseau, Taylor Hill, Paula Anglin, Suzy Brack, Brice Griffin, Alex Felder, Herb Lichtenstein, Zack Kinnaird, Justin Norman, Stephen George.

Synopsis: A broken promise of putting back cracker-white granny's dentures before she's buried has hillbilly Destiny and her dumpster diving daughter, Bitsy, discovering granny's remains have been dug up and sold to a secret society which takes them on a wild adventure in a stolen semi to Yale University, only to learn DNA connects family, but whether educated or not, we are all just “Boneheads” in the end. 

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