6 Trillion Dollar Man (4 MIN.) A young detective begins to change after a near death injury. SATURDAY 8:30 PM

A Piece of the Pie (3 MIN.) While hiding behind enemy lines, three soldiers share what they are most excited to do once the war is over.  SATURDAY 5:00 PM

Adult Puberty (4 MIN.) A parody of 1950s-era educational videos that helps those entering middle age understand the changes their bodies are about to go through. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

An Average Story (Israel, 18 MIN.) When Avi Cohen is told by the Central Bureau of Statistics that he is the most average man who ever lived, his life is turned upside down. SATURDAY 3:30 PM

Ancient Aliens and Documentaries (6 MIN.) UFOs in the news. Documentaries about Ancient Alien visitations. Are these genuine attempts to tell the truth? Or are they part of an Alien plot to confuse the masses? SATURDAY 12:00 PM

Boday and Daw (3 MIN.) A park ranger receives a routine call to remove an unregistered tent from the premises when she encounters some real people of the land. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Cone Solidarity (3 MIN.) Dogs are no longer alone in their cones of shame! And rappers are rapping about it. And dancers are dancing. FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Comp'd (9 MIN.) Two absentminded brothers finally reopen their parents’ former bar and restaurant with the best of intentions only to find that the mix of neighborhood gentrification, eccentric customers and their own lack of know-how makes for very odd business. THURSDAY 8:30 PM

Cookies (Spain, 12 MIN.) A young banker goes to deliver an eviction notice to one of his best former clients. What he encounters at the home makes him reconsider the reason of his visit. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Couple's Massage (6 MIN.) Two masseuses use their hour working together on a couple's massage to catch up on each other's personal lives.SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Dad (5 MIN.) A precocious twenty-something gets separated from his father during a shopping spree in the big city. Unfortunately for him, all middle aged, white men look alike and the city’s awash with them. SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Dadz (2 MIN.) Dadz is a comedy short produced by iO Comedy Network. An absurdist take on father-son bonding, Dadz takes place on typical Saturday in a typical Chicago suburb where two dads are doing typical dad stuff. Except the dads are dads... to each other? Does that track? Well, um, hey, check out those dad bods! SATURDAY 3:30 PM

Dear John Thanks John (2 MIN.) FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Drugs For Kids (2 MIN.) A spoof pharmaceutical advertisement for ADHD medication FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Fantasy Football A Nerds Tale (2 MIN.) Two nerds have the time of their life fighting for gridiron glory against a horde of orcs, barbarians, and ogres. SATURDAY 12:00 PM

Friends on a Bench (8 MIN.) Two uncomplicated best friends live for their daily lunches in the park until a smooth talking gentlemen crafter slinks into the picture complicating their comfy friendship. SATURDAY 3:30 PM

First Date (4 MIN) Dating can be hard, that's why these two chose an arranged marriage. SATURDAY 12:00 PM

Gentleman Jim Langtry (3 MIN.) Country legend and original outlaw, Gentleman JIm Langtry sings the type of songs that only he can, because no one else wants to. On this new record collection, Gentleman Jim bares his soul and his rather unseemly past. THURSDAY 8:30 PM

Ginger with a Snap (12 MIN.) Ginger with a Snap centers around Ginger, a shock jock, sex and love advice radio talk show host who has no filter. Comedy and chaos ensue when the station manager dares Ginger to quit smoking. Is acupuncture really the answer? FRIDAY 9:30 PM

Goofinger (Student, 8 MIN.) From award winning editor Joe Carter, one secret mission is another roommate's mess in this chaotic, fast-paced comedy. Starring Andre Szarmach and Travis Holian, a misunderstood government agent is about to get his childlike roommate into a sticky situation. Will the rent be paid? Will someone die? The stakes are always high in GOOFINGER. SATURDAY 12:00 PM

Great Moments in Amish Pornography (5 MIN.) Shot in stunning 2k and featuring members of the Emmy award-winning Chicago sketch comedy troupe, The Comic Thread (also Best Group: LA Comedy Fest; Audience Choice: Chicago Fringe Fest), this short answers the burning question 'What really happens when the sun sets in Amish country?' FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Happy Birthday Kevin (1 MIN.) At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness. SATURDAY 3:30 PM

Have You Seen Calvin? (16 MIN.) What happens when a picture perfect 1950's family discovers that their adorable S&M gimp has run away and headed for the big city? 'Have You Seen Calvin?' is a dark and hilarious parody that celebrates an All-American family with a very naughty secret...Ted Lewis (Pokemon) FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Hi Cat (3 MIN.) One woman goes on a bizarre munchie run. Starring Emma Myles (Orange is the New Black) and Aden Hakimi SATURDAY 1:00 PM

How Deep Can I Go? (Australia, 4 MIN.) Using hand drawn cardboard sets and props, Hairy Soul Man explores how deep some humans will go for love. FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Innapropriate Jane Austen (6 MIN.) If Jane Austen hadn't been so appropriate, she'd have been... Inappropriate Jane Austen.
Eight mini-sodes of a gaggle of Regency ladies in their least polite moments: what Jane Austen left out about things like female friendship, engagements, motherhood, and anal sex. SATURDAY 6:00 PM

Literally Amazing (3 MIN.) Two Froyo-eating 20-somethings seamlessly explore the limits of their vocabulary until faced with the words of a kindly sage.

Lottery (Canada, 6 MIN.) Being a millionaire takes hard work and a bit of luck. Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll (Room)  FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Napchat the Date (4 MIN.) What if sleep talking invaded your waking life? One man’s nighttime ramblings merge with a nervous first date. Could Jess be the woman of Jake’s dreams? SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Notorious Corn (France, 1 MIN.) It's the story of a small grain of corn that dreamed about glory. He's going to succeed ... Unfortunately ... SATURDAY 2:30 PM

NOTRUF (Switzerland, 2 MIN.) At the call, in the emergency center (PSAP), a misunderstanding has unexpected effects.FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Oasis (9 MIN.) While pretending to be a cowboy, Max sees a beautiful girl in the middle of nowhere and imagines saving her from her oppressive, backwater life. Tiera Skovbye (Supernatural), Aidan Kahn (Lewis and Clark), Grayson Gabriel (Stan Helsing) SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Recalculating (6 MIN.) A night out for two stoners takes an unexpected turn when their GPS goes haywire from a contact high. Peter Gilroy, Cloris Leachman (The Croods), Zack Pearlman (The Intern), Brina Palencia (Summer Wars) SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Selfie Standoff (4 MIN.) Two competing hitmen get caught up with selfies while trying to kill each other. FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Standers (4 MIN.) A look into the world of "Standers" - people who relax by standing in the same spot for hours at a time. FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Superior Living (25 MIN.) A modern day 'tool-bag' in search of the perfect pinata for his daughter's birthday. John Lutz (saturday night live), Fred Melamed (lady dynamite), Horatio Sanz (saturday night live), sue Golloway (30 rock) SATURDAY 3:30 PM

Teapot (15 MIN.) Jaime, a newcomer in a women's anger management program, manipulates her sponsor and friends through the guise of her beloved grandmother's teapot in order to confront her ex about the break up text he recently sent her. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

The Battle of Who Cares Less (3 MIN.) For anyone who's ever read 'The Game' or 'The Rules' and thought that they could 'win' against the opposite sex...this film is for you. SATURDAY 1:00 PM

The Chronicles of Blackie Norwood (4 MIN.) A zany comedy about fame, family, pride, and porn. When the world's greatest porn star breaks his penis, he must not only make an epic comeback as a performer, but also as a husband, father, and friend. SATURDAY 1:00 PM

The Magic of Friendship (Student, 19 MIN.) Two socially awkward teenager's friendship is tested when their old best friend/psycho-maniac-jock challenges them to beat him in the talent show. SATURDAY 12:00 PM

The Man From Death (13 MIN.) A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west. That poor sap, Stryder, awakens with a mysterious green colored list of prophecies that lead him on a journey of fun and fancy free adventures with his skeptical partner, Sergio. There is only one caveat, Stryder is not allowed to take revenge on the man who shot and killed his wife. Can Stryder keep his composure and learn how to forgive, or will he ruin it for everybody? It might be the latter. Mike Moh (Empire), Jimmy Chhiu (The Fifth Wave), Gui DaSilva-Greene (Guardians of the Galaxy), Brendon Huor (Divergent), Natalie Padilla (The Hunger Games) SATURDAY 12:00 PM

The Notion of Mistake (9 MIN.) Maurice Delacroix, an arrogant mathematician, is convinced he was hexed by Marc-Antoine, the trisomic cashier of a butcher shop. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

The Puppet Show (1 MIN.) Everybody loves a funky puppet, right?! And this puppet has the moves! Everything is copacetic, so sit back and enjoy the show! SATURDAY 1:00 PM

The Reverand (3 MIN.) Short comedy remake of The Revenant, in which Hugh Glass battles the elements seeking revenge against the man who stole his Oscar. Mark Hampton (World War Z) SATURDAY 2:30 PM

Think Twice (6 MIN.) Tess runs into a building to find her boyfriend Tony grappling with another man for a gun. Will Tess' "double vision" be the end of Tony or will he save the day by proving his identity? FRIDAY 6:00 PM

True Comedian (3 MIN.) Comedians take on the gangster role to save comedy. Parody of True Detective SATURDAY 8:30 PM

Vegas (15 MIN.) After being stood up by a Tinder date, Riley, an awkward and young Brooklyn bachelor, encounters Vegas, an eccentric cosplay prostitute, at the bus stop on his way home. Sensing easy prey, she bullies and cajoles him into engaging her services for the night to unexpected results. SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Wait Im a Racist? (12 MIN.) A young woman's spunky spirit is crushed when she is accused of being a racist. THURSDAY 8:30 PM

We were the Donner Party (5 MIN.) We Were the Donner Party is a documentary short/music video in the style of Ric Burns as a child on crack. We Were the Donner Party is the story (set to music but not a musical, per se) of ninety pioneers who became stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the winter of 1846. I don't know if any of you recall that winter, but it was a motherfucker.  FRIDAY 6:00 PM

We'll Get It (7 MIN.) The results turn ugly (very ugly) when two globetrotting, artisanal food-loving couples attempt to negotiate social niceties at their favorite Arts-District restaurant. FRIDAY 6:00 PM

Woes of a Small Stove (2 MIN.) A man is in emotional chains due to small oven. THURSDAY 8:30 PM

Writers Block (8 MIN.) Past her prime and afflicted with a severe case of writer's block, a veteran songwriter finds new inspiration in a bird that takes up residence outside her home. Jane Lynch (Glee) FRIDAY 7:00 PM AND SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Yes And I do (4 MIN.) Erin loves Nathan! Nathan proposed! Erin said Yes...but Nathan may be too good to be true...way too good. SATURDAY 1:00 PM