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I Think There's Been Some Confusion Shorts Program

  • Columbia College Chicago 1104 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)

First Born (Chicago, 3 min)

Two former college buddies make an outsize bet on a keg-stand challenge. One of them is very serious about the stakes, the other is not. What could go wrong?

For fans of Old School and The Hangover

ONE-ARMED RABBIT (United States, 7 min)

When a fighter pilot awakens in the desert with no memory of how she got there, a furry hallucination provides her unexpected company.

For fans of Kung Pow! Enter the Fist and Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Petnap (United States, 16 min)

A little stoned and in need of cash, a trio of lackadaisical schemers become caterers for an E-list Hollywood celeb – and decide to kidnap his dog for ransom.

For fans of Entourage and Pineapple Express

Leitmotif (United States, 9 Min)

His GPS keeps telling him to go in circles. Pharrell’s “Happy” never ends. Nobody can seem to get off their phones, and his is actively egging him on. Is John going crazy, or is this just 21st-century life for an apathetic corporate drudge?

For fans of Brazil and The Double

BAIT (United States, 8 min)

When a slacker takes a bacon hamburger dangling from the sky, he finds himself in front of an alien tribunal – and possibly with the fate of humanity in his greasy hands.

For fans of The Big Lebowski and Bruce Almighty

The Parking Spot (United States, 16 Min)

Peter thinks he’s finally found a parking spot – unfortunately for him, it belongs to a local mobster. Will the two parties be able to find common ground in time for lasagna dinner?

For fans of Married to the Mob and My Cousin Vinny


It’s not easy crossing into a new country when you’re a Transylvanian vampire, a hard fact Mr. Constantinescu learns when he gets detained by two bemused customs officers while attempting to enter Canada.

For fans of Only Lovers Left Alive and What We Do in the Shadows

Only a Movie! (United States, 17 Min)

Ted E. Johnson can’t figure out why his life seems so repetitive and familiar. Then he realizes he’s actually stuck in a terrible movie, and he’s been cast as the lead character. Upon finding out that the film will end with his demise, he decides to go off-script and rewrite his own narrative.

For fans of Stranger Than Fiction and Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)