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Women of the Wild Shorts Program

  • Columbia College 1104 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)

The Dangers of Online Dating (Canada, 5 min)

Paula, a sexual health nurse, runs into trouble when the French man she’s dating refuses to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, forcing her to come up with her own disastrous plan of action.

For fans of New Girl and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

For Muriel (United States, 14 min)

Septuagenarians Elaine and Helen, along with their younger friend Jenn, plot to rob a bank. Envisioning their robbery in the styles of three different movies, the women will put their profound lack of criminal experience aside in order to get the deed done.

For fans of Point Break and Barry

#metoo gumshoe (United States, 6 min)

What do you do if you’re a film noir in #metoo-era 2018? A woman solicits the help of a gumshoe, but both are comically thwarted by the genre’s sexist gender politics in this snappy, subversive send-up.

For fans of The Big Sleep and Airplane!

Barriers (United States, 6 min)

She’s not a delivery woman, but that doesn’t stop her Russian neighbors from calling her to order Chinese food. When she decides to bring them their dinner, anyway, Sara will realize what she’s been missing.

For fans of Broken Flowers and Junebug

Dicky & Flo (Chicago, 8 Min)

Flo (Julia Sweeney) is a sweet old taxidermist living in the Chicago neighborhood Albany Park. She has a penchant for talking to corpses such as her stuffed dog and hamster – and her husband, Dicky, whose lifeless body she wheels happily about town.

For fans of Up and Weekend at Bernie’s

Terrible Tale of Henrietta Tate (United Kingdom, 15 Min)

As she travels by train to advertise a soft drink, Bubble Girl, a hot-pink corporate mascot with amnesia, is framed for theft. Thrown into the prisoner’s car with the drink’s inventor, a magical chain of events unfolds to reveal her true identity.

For fans of Amélie and The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Birds Sing Too Loud (United States, 16 Min)

In an effort to reconnect, Mitch invites his two bitter, crotchety aunts (Jane Lynch and Kate Mulgrew) for a visit to his lavish home in the Hollywood hills. Subjected to their endless complaining, it doesn’t take long before he massively regrets his decision.

For fans of Grandma, Jane Lynch on Glee, and Kate Mulgrew on Orange is the New Black