Feature Films



Everybody has an Andy Dick Story (77 min) (United States) | Playing Saturday 11/11 8:30pm at The New 400 Theater
Starring: Andy Dick, Ben Stiller, Pauly Shore, Kathy Griffin, and so many others.

Andy Dick is one of the most colorful people in Hollywood. With a personal life just as entertaining as his career, everyone who comes in contact with Andy winds up with a story to remember. This documentary, produced and directed by Cathy Carlson, explores the impact he had in his personal and professional relationships from an insider perspective.

For fans of Andy Dick, Amy, Marley, and Exit Through the Gift Shop.


For the Love of George (89 min) (United States) | Playing Friday 11/10 8:00pm at The New 400 Theater

Starring: Nadia Jordan , Rosanna Arquette, Rex Lee, Kristen Johnston

After moving to Los Angeles to get away from a cheating husband, Poppy attempts to have an encounter with George Clooney, the man of her dreams. After many failed attempts to meet him, she realizes that it isn't a new location or a handsome man she needs to make her happy, it's herself.

For fans of George Clooney, Serendipity, and Bridget Jones's Diary.


Love in Moreno Valley (80 min) (United States) | Playing Saturday 11/11 3:30pm at The New 400 Theater
Starring: John Ennis.

James Watson is a high schooler who struggles with his self-image and budding sexuality in a Christian school that doesn't make things any easier for him. As he attempts find humor in his life and pursue his passions, he's constantly met with doubt and the hand of authority putting him down.

For fans of Super Bad and angsty teen movies where boys struggle to get girls.


Room for Rent (89 min) (Canada) | Playing Friday 11/10 7pm at The New 400 Theater
Starring: Bret Gelman, Mark Little, Stephanie Weir, and Carla Gallo.

After blowing through three and a half million dollars won in the lottery, a dead-ended Mitch devises a plan to rent a room from his parent's house to afford living expenses after his father takes an early retirement.  hings start off great, but the new roommate proves to be weirder and weirder, landing Mitch in situations that spiral out of his control. In the end, Mitch has to confront more than just a bad living situation.

For fans of Step Brothers.


Something Out of Nothing (51 min) (United States) | Playing Saturday 11/11 1pm at The New 400 Theater
Starring: Young talent in Chicago.

Art is as incredibly important aspect of society. However, not everyone has access to art programs or the means to express themselves through art. This film takes a look at an afterschool program that provides kids an opportunity to explore their talents in improv – and pays them a stipend upon completion.

For fans of Hoop Dreams and Waiting for Superman.


Special Unit (102 min) (United States) | Playing Saturday 11/11 7pm at the New 400 Theater
Starring: Christopher Titus, Cynthia Watros, and David Figlioli.

Written and directed by Christopher Titus, Special Unit is a crime comedy that flashes a bold badge in the face of political correctness. After a decision made under duress during an undercover mission lands him in hot water, detective Fowler is assigned to head a special unit of handicapped police detectives as punishment. Though he resists his new task vehemently at first, Fowler is forced to come around when his new recruits
prove themselves to be more than capable of the task at hand.

For fans of Super Troopers.