Auditions for Boneheads Table Read at the 2019 Chicago Comedy Film Festival

Auditions: March 27th 6pm. Please submit headshot/resume to for consideration and location details. Click on character below to review sides. Auditions will consist of reading sides only. We can also take self tape submissions if you are unable to make the March 27th audition.

Synopsis: A broken promise of putting back cracker-white granny's dentures before she's buried has hillbilly Destiny and her dumpster diving daughter, Bitsy, discovering granny's remains have been dug up and sold to a secret society which takes them on a wild adventure in a stolen semi to Yale University, only to learn DNA connects family, but whether educated or not, we are all just “Boneheads” in the end. 

Character Breakdowns:

Please note: there are very sensitive topics and language in the script, which is accurate to the characters but material will be handled delicately.

Stage Directions-Any age, ethnicity

Marla, 40’s, Caucasian, pregnant-read for Destiny

Destiny Wright, 25, Caucasian, ignorant and hard up young mom- this role has been cast

Dearrick, 21, Caucasian, still pubescent and lost

Hastings, 40, Caucasian, Marla’s husband, stout- read for Dearrick

Granny Lurane Wright, 41, marijuana smokin’ hellfire mother of Destiny

Bitsy, 8, Caucasian, unhinged and foul mouthed

Dorina, 24, African American, inquisitive, Yale student

Prescott, 22, Caucasian, very arrogant, delusional Yale student

Wanda, 50’s, African American, nurturing, Dorina’s mother

Antony, 23, African-American, funeral director, gay

Professor Slick, 60’s, Yale professor-read for Prescott

below supporting roles will be paired with lead roles or will be filled based on principal auditions :

Flipper the Parrot
Pecker the Hen
Bonesman One
Bonesman Two
Bonesman Three
Cop 1
Cop 2
Snaggle, truck driver
Teen Lurlane, Caucasian, 16-18
Teen Jean, African American, 16-18
Teen Hank, Caucasian, 16-18
Buck, 20’s, Caucasian, Destiny’s boyfriend, Bitsy’s father