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1846 West Lunt Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60626
United States

312 324 4565

Welcome to the 6th Annual Chicago Comedy Film Festival November 10th-12th at The Second City and The New 400 Theater




#Cybriety Two millennials. No technology.Alexandra Ruddy (The Social Network) SATURDAY 3:30 PM

Curfued "Curfued,” is a six-episode web series about Roland and Donna Mackey, and their curfew-breaking kids. Each episode showcases a different 20-something Mackey child (from Roland & Donna’s seemingly endless supply of offspring) fighting an uphill battle against Roland & Donna’s unbalanced personalities. Jo Scott, Jeff Murdoch SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Dog Moms A parody of Dance Moms, this web series follows Waggy Lee, who demands only the best out of her students, and their mothers. Lisa Linke (Black-ish), Christina Anthony (The Dilemma) SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Doomsdate The classic story of Boy Meets Girl, Boy and Girl fall in love, Boy and Girl try desperately to survive in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic hellscape. Truly, a tale as old as time. Amber Coyle (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) THURSDAY 8:30 PM

Douchaholics Doucheaholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who exhibit poor behavior and want to better themselves in a supportive, healing, and nurturing environment. Free of judgment and hostility, DA provides a safe haven for those with proclivities for social misconduct and general immorality. With understanding and full hearts, the group moves forward, one day at a time, to present their best selves to the world and live in harmony with all mankind. Not really. It's just a bunch of douchebags. In a meeting. Being douchey. SATURDAY 7:30 PM

Lonely Lil The Social Interactions and Misunderstandings of Lonely Lil. SATURDAY 1:00 PM

Real Good Drinking A mixology web show. Paul Thomas THURSDAY 8:30 PM